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Hit Stick x Impulse

Bred by Gradert - Stoller

Stress: NEG    EN: 13-4    Reg#: 663437004


HIT LIST is without question one of our favorite Yorkshire boars we have ever had on stud!! Man-child Yorkshire sire from Gradert Show Pigs / Stoller Livestock that we are thrilled to add to the arsenal! Whether you are wanting to make ELITE Yorkshire gilts, boars, or barrows, HIT LIST is a must use boar!

When we first saw a video of HIT LIST we immediately knew he was one we had to have. HIT LIST offers some wild & alien-like features - yet does this in a very correct, square, and fundamental package. At first sight, HIT LIST will have you locked in, with an unreal look and build from the side profile. He is freakish in his ability to be so elevated at the point of his shoulder, while being so moderate in his frame and length of body. His height/length ratios just match perfectly, allowing him to balance and proportion so well from every view!! He drives at you with a big chest floor, and leaves you with that same impressive view as he drives away with supreme width and power. With this width, he still stays so true and is square from the top side of his skeleton, all the way to the ground! HIT LIST is very heavy boned and big footed, and reads stout at every indicator. For one that is packing this much heat in terms of muscle and mass, he is so flexible and athletic in his movement.

HIT LIST is sired by the very popular Hit Stick, and back on an Impulse x Gut Check female that was shown by the Lancaster Family last summer and bred by Thompson Bros!! HIT LIST is out of an incredible litter of pigs that included the 2023 NJSS 3rd Overall Yorkshire Barrow! This powerful pedigree offers a unique genetic combination that should prove to be an incredible option to females out of some of the most prevalent lines in the Yorkshire breed today!

HIT LIST is one flat-out SPECIAL Yorkshire boar!!!!

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