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Tricked Out x Next Intention x Never Before

Bred by PBG

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HEAVY HITTER!!! This one is extra special! HEAVY HITTER is a boar that we bred here at PBG and has been destined to be in the boar stud here from a very young age!! He packs as strong of a genetic punch as you could ever ask for!! He is sired by the legendary Tricked Out, who will go down as on the best boars we have ever owned here at PBG! His mother has a pretty incredible storyline in her own right! HEAVY HITTER’S mother being a Next Intention x Never Before sow that was bred by Knauth Showpigs! We purchased this female for $27,000 at Belton last Spring where she was named Grand Champion Crossbred Gilt at the SWTC! She is a full sister to Kaden Mason's 2022 Ft Worth Grand Champion Overall Barrow and Grant Lackey's 2022 San Antonio Stock Show Grand Champion Overall Barrow! The genetic package of this sow and the track record her full sibs does all the talking necessary!! The Next Intention x Never Before pedigree combination has proven to be a dominant force! With both HEAVY HITTER’s sire and dam being that pedigree, we feel the genetic potency you would expect is strengthened even more! This one reminds us a whole bunch of his sire and we strongly recommend using HEAVY HITTER on sows/sow lines that worked well on Tricked Out! We think the generating potential that HEAVY HITTER brings to the table is absolutely through the roof!! Use him with confidence and let HEAVY HITTER deliver a powerful punch!!!

HEAVY HITTER is a boar that is a perfect example of Tricked Out at his very best! As we stated above, he reminds us a lot of his sire in terms if being so wild and extreme, while still offering the right kind of skeletal design and functionality. He is absolutely wicked through his head and neck. He is very tall shouldered and elevated, yet maintains set to his shoulder and the right slope and angularity to his shoulder blade, down through his forearm and front foot. HEAVY HITTER is absolutely loaded with muscle shape and product that still lays smoothly along his skeleton, allowing him to remain athletic and comfortable when he is set into motion. He packs a big punch as he comes at you big and bold and he leaves you with a very impressive view. As he tracks away and you analyze the top side of his skeleton, you can see the groove that starts out of the backside of his shoulder blade and carries deep, all the way back to a big, square hip. He exhibits tremendous curvature to his upper rib and maintains that spread down through his mid body and flank. HEAVY HITTER is an extremely stout featured boar with huge legs and monster feet! This is a boar that has ALL the extras! He is a HEAVY HITTER!!!

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