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New Design x Black Mamba

Bred by PBG

Stress: NEG    EN: 21-5    Reg#: 55916005


New Design x Black Mamba

Bred by PBG

Stress: NEG

EN: 21-5 Reg#: 55916005

HEAD START is our stress negative New Design x Black Mamba son that we bred and raised. We have been fortunate to have housed several very impactful Poland China sires since we began PBG, most notably Perfect Storm, Black Mamba & All Due Respect who propelled the breed forward in a very short time. We firmly believe that HEAD START can be that level of sire and can have that same impact and we do not say that lightly as we feel those 3 sires are deserving of being on the Mount Rushmore of the Poland China breed! Feedback from visitors, and especially from those at the Boar Parade, has been extremely positive and has validated what we have always believed he would develop into from the crate to now being in stud. HEAD START is a Poland sire we believe puts together a phenotype and pedigree that is an absolutely deadly combination at the exact right time for the Poland China breed!


HEAD START is incredibly heavy boned, big footed, and stout at every indicator! From the side, he is elevated, level in his build, with a design and presence that just has that special “it” factor! HEAD START comes and goes with the kind of power and width it takes to make offspring that can compete in the big rings!!! He is a big chested boar that maintains true squareness down to the ground and gives that same kind of view as he tracks away with a monster hip, thick rump, and a very square hind leg that plants and motors with extreme reach and flexibility! In the Poland breed, angles and feet and legs are so crucial. HEAD START is able to combine all those extreme traits in a package that is so balanced, proportional, and correct from all angles!!!


We absolutely LOVE the genetic package HEAD START offers being a New Design (Novel Concept x Black Mamba) on a Black Mamba dam! NEW DESIGN was the $29,000 Top-Selling Poland boar from 2021 STC in Springfield purchased from Cook Family Livestock! While watching the Poland boar show at Springfield that summer, NEW DESIGN stuck out to us as a boar that offered so many positives in a STRESS NEGATIVE package and he went on to have a tremendous run as a sire!

The dam of HEAD START is one of the most extreme, far-reaching sows we own. She is a Black Mamba x Purple Rain who was bred by Jervis out of an absolutely incredible litter! This sow was the 4th Overall Poland Gilt at Tulsa in ’20. Her littermate sisters were also Champion and 3rd Overall Poland gilts at Tulsa and her littermate barrow was Champion Poland Barrow at ’20 NAILE. This sow is a littermate to the mother of Kynlee Hill’s incredibly popular and tremendous Polly gilt who had an incredibly-successful summer in 2022 including being Champion Poland Gilt at The Exposition and NJSS (Selling for $25,000 in the STC sale) That litter also included Courtney Jackman’s Champion Poland Barrow at the NJSS and Reserve Champion Poland Barrow at The Exposition!!! In addition to those accolades, both those individuals were incredibly successful all show season long and were multiple time Top 5 Overall including Grand or Reserve Grand Overall Breeds numerous times. That sow most recently produced Courtney Jackman’s 2023 The Exposition 3rd Overall Poland China Barrow and the 2023 NJSS 3rd Overall Poland Barrow!

We believe HEAD START is a very special Poland boar with the rich genetic heritage that offers tremendous pedigree diversity for a large portion of Poland China females!!!

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