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Tricked Out x Porch Honkey (Best Man son)

Bred by Perry Swine Genetics

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A


Pay attention here!!! HAT TRICK is a VERY special son of Tricked Out--who is off to one of the best starts generating champions of any young boar we have housed at PBG!! HAT TRICK’s mother is the tremendous Porch Honkey sow at Perry’s who Travis calls the most influential sow at Perry Swine Genetics!! In addition to HAT TRICK, His dam is also the mother of Prove It, Round Here Buzz, and Southern Buzz, as well as a very impressive list of winners and sale-makers in the Southwest! Travis Perry has been known to make very influential, “changer” type of boars within the industry that breed on, generate, and make a difference!! This gives us even more confidence in the consistent generating power we believe HAT TRICK will become known for!! We’d like to give a big “Thank You” to Travis Perry and his family for the opportunity to make the trip and purchase HAT TRICK and SUCCESSION and bring them to PBG!

HAT TRICK has blown visitors away!! He immediately grabs you with an extremely unique look through his head and neck, enormous legs, and the trademark presence and design that Tricked Out is generating at a very consistent level!! He is a monster in his chest width and maintains this immense spread through his mid body and leaves you with that same powerful view! He has a big rolled up back and a crisp loin edge, exhibiting the extreme muscle expression that is one of the trademarks of the Perry Swine Genetics program---it is engrained in them!! HAT TRICK bears an incredible resemblance to Tricked Out at this same stage!! He brings all those same extremes into one very ELITE package! HAT TRICK is absolutely loaded with the “ests” that it takes to make the kind that stand out in a crowd and grab BIG banners!

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