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nchorman x Lock It Up x Best Man (Rule 10's Sister)

Bred by Wintex Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: Cross    Reg#: Cross



(Anchorman x Rule 10’s Sister (Lock It Up x Best Man)

Bred By: Wintex Farms & Young Livestock


GROUND RULES is the ANCHORMAN son we purchased on the trip to Wintex a couple weeks after Perfect Timing! His mother is a Lock It Up x Best Man sow that Wintex and Dan Young purchased from Bobell at Perfect Timing a couple years ago and is a littermate to Rule 10 and the Grand at LSU in 2017! GROUND RULES offers some extremely unique pieces and brings some extremes to the table that will help push the envelop and make changes in the next generation!!

GROUND RULES offers many of the same extreme breeding pieces that have made his sire so popular and successful!! He demonstrates the extreme mass, rib and body that ANCHORMAN is known for, while offering more look and extension from his blade forward. He is a big chested boar that maintains this squareness throughout his skeleton. When you get on top of him, he overwhelms with mass and product with a big ditch running all the way back.

GROUND RULES is a boar that offers so many extreme, far reaching characteristics not often found in one package.

The fact that Will chose GROUND RULES to breed to Lock It Up’s dam that sold for $32,000 in THE EXCHANGE should give a great feel for his confidence in him.

Use GROUND RULES with extreme confidence!

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