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Deal With It x Selfish x Attention

Bred by Wintex Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: 262-3    Reg#: 418924003


GREEN BOTTLES is one incredible Duroc boar!! On our visit to Wintex early summer, as we were starting to look through all the boars, we saw a Duroc boar posing in the end pen that was unlike anything we had ever seen. When Will dropped him out, there was no doubt he was one of the most unique creatures we had ever laid eyes on!! Of all the great boars we have purchased from Wintex Farms, GREEN BOTTLES was the most difficult one to convince them to sell! It wasn’t cheap or easy, but it was a no brainer that we HAD to get a deal done!! GREEN BOTTLES is sired by the living legend Deal With It, back on a Selfish x Attention sow that Wintex purchased from Olson Farms as their “Pick Of The Crop” choice from inaugural “Vegas Showcase” Obviously that pedigree is absolutely loaded with boars that have had a tremendous impact on the Duroc breed, culminating into this once in a lifetime kind of boar. GREEN BOTTLES comes out of an incredible litter and is a littermate to Kiersten Bourquin’s 2021 Houston Champion Duroc Barrow!! GREEN BOTTLES has absolutely blown away visitors to the stud, we expect him to follow in his Deal With It’s footsteps as a dominating sire of champions!!

GREEN BOTTLES is WILD looking!! Unbelievable extension and design while still being very rugged and extremely STOUT! GREEN BOTTLES has all the extras you could ever want in a balanced, flexible, and structurally correct package!! He comes at you big & bold with an enormous chest floor and leaves you with the same kind of width and power! He exhibits bold spring to his rib and excellent depth of body. GREEN BOTTLES has an unreal running gear, is very loose in his skeleton, and built for speed!!GREEN BOTTLES saw extremely heavy use at Wintex as well as many of the best Duroc sow herds in the country! We cannot wait to see what he can do!

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