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Stay Classy x Baditude

Bred by Steve Cobb & Family

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A


GODFATHER!!! This is one truly SPECIAL individual!! Sired by the late, great STAY CLASSY and out of an incredibly impressive Baditude sow, GODFATHER packs a big genetic punch!! When Aaron sent us the video and stated that GODFATHER is without question the best barrow sire the Cobb’s have ever made, we knew we had to do whatever it took to get him purchased!! It required a "Godfather offer" that they couldn’t refuse to get this boar out of Lake City, AR! They insisted there was no way he was for sale but after several days of negotiations we are pumped to have purchased him and got the deal done!

GODFATHER is one of the very best boars we have ever owned! As we discussed above, we had been hearing about a boar at Cobb's that was perhaps the best one they had ever raised. After getting the video and making the trip to see him, it didn't take long to realize how special Godfather was!! It's difficult to describe just how incredible this boar is. GODFATHER offers an unbelievable combination of presence, build, and overall design with extreme bone, stoutness, and power!!! The extension and look through his front end is so unique! He’s got a long, clean neck but remains very stout in his jaw and skull. As he comes at you he is busted open with incredible spread and shape out of his blade. On the side profile, he is the epitome of balance and proportionality, with length of body that matches his frame size to perfection. GODFATHER has an absolutely enormous back with a deep, defined groove running from the backside of his shoulder blade back to a big, square hip! With all these extras and “wow” factors, he remains so square, correct, and flexible. This is the type of boar that once you see, you can’t get out of your head—GODFATHER!!!

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