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End Game x Rockstar

Bred by Ottenwalter Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:


GAME OF THRONES!!! This is the boar that Russell Pedrett calls “the best one pretty easy” that Ottenwalter Showpigs has ever bred! That is a bold statement that certainly holds serious weight considering the number of elite boars they have produced! This is one creature that you have to see in person to appreciate just how special he truly is and is the kind of boar that doesn’t come around often!! The Ottenwalter Showpigs firm is synonymous with winning big shows from coast to coast, year after year! The consistency at which the pigs they produce are able to hang banners is a true testament to a breeding program built on a strong foundation, which enables their breeding stock to generate at that same high level! Russell had started texting us about this boar and when he sent the pictures and videos, it didn’t take long to get the deal done and purchase him to come here to PBG!!! Sired by one of our absolute favorite boars we have ever owned here at PBG (End Game) and back on a tremendous Rockstar sow that has also produced the 2021 CYAE Grand Overall Gilt!! As you study deeper into that sow’s pedigree (Rockstar x Bad Man x Fame Monster x Shooter x Super Monster) its easy to see why the genetic package that GAME OF THRONES offers adds even more excitement about the future siring ability of this boar—we think he can be one that is talked about for many years to come!! Thanks again to the crew at Ottenwalter Showpigs for the chance to own this truly special boar---it’s time to sit back and watch! GAME OF THRONES!!!

GAME OF THRONES is a boar that stretches the imagination of what is possible to put into one package!! He is ENORMOUS in his bone and foot size, while remaining very clean in is joint work, with flat bone that indicates a truly stout featured boar!! He “wows” you with an initial impression as he drives directly at you with a stout, masculine skull, a huge chest floor and maintains that width and squareness down through his knee and to the ground. His stout skull ties into an attractive neck that attaches high into big, widespread shoulder blades. He explodes out of his blades with extreme mass and width and maintains this capacity all the way throughout his body cavity. For a boar that is this stout and burly, he is still very attractive and demonstrates and a fresh, crisp muscle pattern working down a monster back! His hip is big, square, and wide, and he remains impressive in his mass and product down he possesses down through his ham with impressive flair down to his stifle. He remains so square as he drives away and offers and incredible foundation, standing on HUGE feet with big, blunt, evenly spaced toes that are strong and sturdy! His frame size is the right kind to be versatile enough to make elite barrows, boars, and unreal gilts!! We think this is one of the truly unique ones we have ever seen and we feel very lucky to own him. Thanks to Mark, Russell, and the entire crew at Ottenwalter Showpigs for the opportunity to purchase him and bring him to PBG!!! GAME OF THRONES!!!!

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