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My Intention x Timber

Bred by Weisinger Farms

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:


FULL INTENTION is our extremely exciting purchase from Weisinger Farms!

FULL INTENTION’s pedigree (My Intention x Timber) combines two of the most extreme, and successful boars we have ever offered at PBG!! FULL INTENTION brings all of those unique, out-there traits you’d expect with this genetic punch into one dynamic package!!!

FULL INTENTION offers the rare combination of extreme power and mass, with an incredible build, look, and structural correctness!! Our purchases from Weisinger Farms have consistently generated high demand prospects that easily feed to their full potential!

FULL INTENTION can take that to a whole new level! He looks like one that will work on a wide variety of sows to produce very deep, consistent litters that are loaded with all the “extras” it takes to win big!

FULL INTENTION is tall-shouldered, dead-level, and has a very unique presence from the side profile! He is incredibly heavy boned, stout featured, and massive with an absolutely enormous back! These extreme traits, combined with his special design, balance, and skeletal build, make up a very impressive package that we believe projects him to be a sire that can make both gilts and barrows that can win at the highest levels.

We think FULL INTENTION has a chance to be a VERY special sire!!!

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