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Perfect Fit x Delicate x Ein

Bred by Beyers Farms (TX)

Stress: NEG    EN: 27-7    Reg#: 158600007


FIT FOR A KING!! This powerful boar is our purchase from Beyers Farms (TX) at the 2021 King's Of The Hill Pig Sale!! This Chester boar is a very special one with the type of extreme quality that is truly FIT FOR A KING!! We had been in contact with Todd early this Fall about potential boar prospects from this crop and this boar that he was taking to the King's Of The Hill Pig Sale was always the one he seemed truly extremely excited about! We knew he was out of an incredible litter with several mate barrows that were very popular, sold high and found great homes, as well as Beyer's Power Female Sale entry! We were looking forward to seeing him there at the King's sale and it didn't take long to agree that he was absolutely one we needed to own and bring to PBG!! In addition to his exciting phenotypic qualities, FIT FOR A KING packs a big genetic punch with many of the best sows in the Beyers Farms herd tied into one exciting package! For starters, he is sired by the extremely popular and successful Perfect Fit Boar, who is a son of the famous Guyer gilt from the Summer '19 show season. She was Grand Overall Breeds Gilt at the 2019 Team Purebred Jr. National, 2019 The Exposition Reserve Grand Overall Team Purebred Gilt, and sold for $15,000 at the 2019 Summer Type Conference in Springfield! Now, as you get into the bottom side of his pedigree, his mother is a Dictate x First Take's sister, who would be Selfish Ambition's littermate sister! As you dive even deeper into his pedigree, you find the potent 44-8 sow at Beyers, who is better known as Pillow Talk's littermate sister! We list all this to emphasize the genetic foundation that is laid in behind FIT FOR A KING. It gives us an extreme level of confidence that he will be a consistent generator of elite level livestock that his phenotype indicates he should!! This Chester boar is one of our favorite young that we have in stud here at PBG of any breed! He is truly FIT FOR A KING!!

FIT FOR A KING is one extremely unique Chester White boar!! He is a true combination hog with extreme power and mass yet is still so neat in his look and design with an undeniable natural showpig presence! He is elevated and tall at the point of his shoulder with a long, attractive head and neck design! For a Chester boar to be so elevated and extended while remaining extremely clean and trim at the topside of his neck and crest is very unique and rare! The angles to both sides of his skeleton read so true and correct with the ideal slope to his shoulder blade, curvature to his forearm and front foot, with the right set to his knee. He reads so stout at every indicator with a masculine skull, strong jawline, and very large legs! He is very bold and powerful in his build, being wide made and busted open, carrying this spread through his center body cavity all the way back to his rear 1/3 where he continues with a big, square hip! As he tracks away, he displays loads of product and mass with a thick, full rump and maintains this muscle and power down through his stifle. He plants and drives with comfort on an enormous rear leg and paw. We think this one is flat out incredible and has the potential to do very special things in the Chester breed! He is FIT FOR A KING!!!

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