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Dirty Secret x Bachelor Party - Dirty Secret's Sister

Bred by Lackey Livestock

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:


Family Ties

(Dirty Secret x Dirty Secret’s Full Sister (Bachelor Party x Sugar Daddy)

Bred By: Lackey Livestock

Owned With: Lackey Livestock

FAMILY TIES – Dirty On Dirty’s Sister mating created one of the most universally popular boars we have had in stud! FAMILY TIES is truly a timeless sire as he is extremely massive and yet everything just fits together on a skeleton that is impeccable.

He offers such a unique combination of stoutness, extreme power and mass with a flawless skeletal build and a freakish look through his head and neck! He drives at you busted open and bold with a high head carriage that ties high into his blade. He is a short-backed boar, while still offering great elevation and look and is also very long and level in the design to his hip which allows him to plant and drive with supreme athleticism and range of motion. Some boars just have “IT” that makes them stand out from the rest - FAMILY TIES!

FAMILY TIES has been extremely popular since we brought him into stud in the spring of 2019 and he is delivering on his reputation by producing elite and very deep litters that are winning BIG! Nationals, State, County, Jackpot – FAMILY TIES has proven that his offspring can win at every level!

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