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Direct Approach x Blacklist x Keepsake x Keepsake's Sister

Bred by Danner Livestock

Stress: NEG    EN: 16-1    Reg#: 508012001


DIRECT SHOT is our big time off the farm Hampshire purchase from Danner Livestock-a firm known for producing elite Hampshires!! When we first received the video of this boar, we made it a point to get to Danner Livestock ASAP. We knew Hamp boars like DIRECT SHOT don’t come along very often, almost never offered for sale, and when they are, they sell very quickly. Needless to say, we got there immediately and got the deal done!! Sired by Direct Approach and out of a Blacklist x Keepsake x Keepsake’s sister sow, that pedigree should get every Hampshire enthusiast heart racing! DIRECT SHOT comes from an awesome litter including the 2021 Team Purebred Jr National 4th Overall Breeds (Champion Hamp) Barrow!! DIRECT SHOT is one very unique Hampshire boar that we are pumped up to own and offer to our customers!!

DIRECT SHOT combines so many elite traits into one package!! For starters, he gives an incredible look from the side, being extra extended, tall shouldered, and very attractive his overall design! DIRECT SHOT comes and goes with the type of width and power it takes to win big shows in big rings!! On the move, he offers supreme flexibility, comfort and range of motion as he drives across the yard.

In addition to all the above, DIRECT SHOT has ideal breed character with a wide, symmetrical belt and an awesome Hampshire head/ear set with the type of shape and muscle expression that Hampshires are famous for! We think this is one impressive Hampshire boar!! Thanks to the crew at Danner Livestock for the opportunity!

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