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Heres the Deal x Double Up

Bred by Powell Livestock

Stress: NEG    EN: 26-5    Reg#: 434157005


DEALER'S CHOICE is our very exciting new Duroc boar purchase from Powell Livestock!! DEALER'S CHOICE is incredibly impressive from EVERY angle! He is extremely stout and powerful, while still offering an unreal look and build from the side! He is absolutely loaded with muscle shape and product---showing off a huge back, a monster hip, and is busted wide open on both ends!!! He is able to combine all of this in a structurally correct, functional package! He’s got it all! DEALER'S CHOICE hit us like a ton of bricks and we knew he was one we absolutely had to own!!

DEALER'S CHOICE offers an unbelievable pedigree filled with winners at the highest levels, as well as offspring who have had a major impact! DEALER’S CHOICE is sired by the incredibly popular and successful Here’s The Deal (Deal With It x Shortcut)—-who was just recognized by the NSR as the 2022 Duroc Premier Sire for most points at NSR shows in 2022 as well as being the 2022 Reserve Most Influential Sire for siring the 2nd most Duroc litters in 2022 behind Green Bottles! DEALER’S CHOICE’S mother is a (Double Up x Backdraft’s Littermate Sister) sow who was the 2022 San Antonio 4th Overall Duroc Gilt and her littermate was the 2022 San Antonio Grand Overall Gilt! His grandmother is a littermate to Backdraft (Bomb Squad x Feel The Burn) and she was the 2019 San Antonio Reserve Duroc Gilt with her littermate being the 2019 OYE Reserve Duroc Gilt! This is one flat out exciting Duroc boar that we have INCREDIBLY high hopes for!! Big thanks to the crew at Powell Livestock for the opportunity to own this very special Duroc boar!!!

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