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No Comparison x First Kiss x Meant To Be's Mother

Bred by Stohlquist Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A

DARE TO COMPARE----A TRULY SPECIAL INDIVIDUAL!!!! Ryan Stohlquist calls DARE TO COMPARE the best boar that Stohlquist Showpigs has ever produced---a statement that carries a lot of weight considering the number of elite sires that they have put together!! We had heard about this one and were very excited to make the trip to see him. As soon as they dropped him out of his pen, it was a no brainer that we had to do whatever it took to get him bought! DARE TO COMPARE is sired by the special No Comparison (Nothing Compares x Kiss My Socks) and his mother is a (First Kiss x Meant To Be’s Mother) giving DARE TO COMPARE a very unique genetic package that should prove to be even more valuable going forward for future generations!! We absolutely love his one!! DARE TO COMPARE is one of our favorite crossbred boars we have ever owned here at PBG!!

Visually, DARE TO COMPARE stretches the limits of what we thought was possible to combine in one package!! He is unbelievably stout all over with a masculine skull and jaw, absolutely enormous legs, and burly features! He is busted wide open with tremendous power and width from end to end, all with a very flexible, correct skeleton and a running gear that is absolutely built for speed!! When you get on top of him, he blows you away being unreal in his back shape and spread up high with a sharp turn to his loin edge and a deep groove running all the way back. He maintains this dimension down through his mid body and displays an impressive turn to his rib! We could go on for a long time with a lot of adjectives describing just how special we think this boar is, but to put it very simply, we believe DARE TO COMPARE has a chance to be mentioned amongst some of the very best cross boars we have ever owned here at Premium Blend Genetics!! He is THAT good!!!

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