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PBG boars



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Cover Charge x Made To Order’s Sister(Ein x Big Wheel

Bred by Yantis Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: 25-1    Reg#: 156250001


We are absolutely pumped about the addition of COVER BOY to the Chester line-up that we think is very stout! He is our $29,000 purchase from Yantis in The Exchange! The Yantis program has become synonymous with making truly unique Chester showpigs that not only win the breed titles –but grab overall banners! It's no secret that Brandon doesn't offer breeding stock of any kind often, and especially not a boar out of the heart of his program. We have wanted to tie into a boar from him for some time now, so when the opportunity presented itself, we knew there was no doubt we needed to purchase COVER BOY!!

In addition to his impressive phenotype, he offers a unique blend of pedigree that will allow for breeding flexibility on most Chester females. Sired by Cover Charge and out of a littermate sister to the legendary Made To Order--COVER BOY is built and bred to continue the

COVER BOY offers that very hard to find package of being so complete, well-balanced and structurally correct, while packing on ALL the extras it takes to stand out from the pack. COVER BOY takes it to the next level in the amount of extremes he can pack on-making him a truly unique one!! He is cracked open, offering width, power, and mass all the way through. He is awesome from the side being elevated and extended, while still maintaining a masculine jawline and a stout skull. When you get on top of him, he certainly impresses, offering tremendous back-shape. As he drives away, he does so with an ideal squareness from the top of his hip down through his hock to the ground. His hind leg is loose and flexible, giving him an extra gear when set in motion.

COVER BOY is a Chester boar that is built to make Chesters win big hog shows!! Tremendous boar from a program that consistently gets it done at the highest levels!


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