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PBG boars



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Snafu x Kingpin X Step One

Bred by Brockman Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A


You’ve got to “COME & SEE” this boar in person to be able to fully appreciate just how special he is!! The easiest and best way to describe COME & SEE is that he is a 2022 and beyond version of his legendary grandsire, Believe In Me!!! Not only does he put together a rare combination of traits not often found in one package, but he stacks so many incredible breeding hogs into one dynamic pedigree! He is sired by SNAFU, the very popular and successful Believe In Me son, and his mother is a (Kingpin x My Intention's Grandmother)! That is a very special combination!!! No one understands the genetic value that COME & SEE brings to the table better than Brockman Farms!!

Josh Brockman's brief description of Come & See:

"In being able to get a little fresh air, and still keep one of our key sows in the mix of it, we reached out and used the Believe In Me son, Snafu, in a few places this last season. This is “Kristy’s” first litter, and she’s one of the most impressive young sows running around in the woods in Montgomery. COME & SEE is extremely dynamic in his head and neck set and presence. He has great big features at the ground and a very athletic running gear.We believe in sow power and it’s as stout here as can be.”

As you can tell, the crew at Brockman Farms has an extreme level of confidence in what COME & SEE can do as a sire! He saw a large number of sows at Brockman’s and the reports from them and others have been absolutely incredible!!! When it’s time to make those unique individuals with the “winning presence” that it takes to win in the big rings under the bright lights, you better COME & SEE!!!

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