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PBG boars



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Gang Signs x Nailed It

Bred by Foote Farms

Stress: CAR    EN: 84-2    Reg#: 53918002


PBG is very proud to introduce COBRA!! He was a purchase we made from Foote Farms on a late Spring trip to Texas! As soon as they brought him out of the barn, it was evident that he offered some extreme, far reaching pieces for the Poland breed! COBRA is packed with proven breed changers on both sides of his pedigree, being a Gang Signs x Nailed It. He also comes out of an incredibly deep litter being a littermate to the 2021 OYE Champion Poland Barrow that many have stated was one of the best Poland barrows they’ve ever seen, as well as a very impressive female that Foote sold in his June bred sow sale!! COBRA is built and bred to make big time moves in the Poland breed!!

COBRA is built different than any Poland boar we have seen! He is incredible in his elevation, height of shoulder and extension through his head and neck, while still being stout featured and very dense. He is so impressive as he drives at you and goes away being busted open coming and going with lots of mass and power! COBRA has the type of motor and running gear that it takes to last long drives and win at the highest levels!! He displays tremendous flexibility and range of motion!! COBRA is an extremely unique Poland barrow that has been immensely popular amongst visitors here! We think he has a chance to make a major impact on the Poland breed!!

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