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Cruel Intentions x Never Before x Naked & Afraid

Bred by Fontenot Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A


CHOSEN ONE is the $120,000 weanling purchase at Perfect Timing from Fontenot Farms!! We started hearing about this one as soon as we got into the barn and a quick look reaffirmed what we heard—CHOSEN ONE is flat out special! CHOSEN ONE offers a really unique blend of genetics and boars that have been extremely influential!! Sired by Cruel Intentions back on a Never Before sow, CHOSEN ONE combines the unique traits and characteristics of these incredible sires into one package!! In addition, CHOSEN ONE’S grandmother is also the mother of the 2018 World Pork Expo Grand Champion Crossbred Barrow! CHOSEN ONE has a very cool back story that is a testament to just how much the Fontenot Family believes in this boar! As the hurricane headed towards Louisiana this past fall and people were ordered to evacuate, John refused to leave the farm due to the amount of work, time, and dedication he had put into this crop of pigs, and CHOSEN ONE in particular. We believe he is destined for greatness!!

CHOSEN ONE has been incredibly popular with visitors here on tours through every stage of his maturation !! He is so unique in the look he offers as you analyze him from the side, being jet fronted, yet still stout in his skull and masculine in his feature. He explodes out of the backside of his blade with spread and shape and maintains this all the way back to his hip. He is wide and square at the top of his hip and maintains this width down through his rump, and hock to ground. He is as wide and powerful as can be, while still remaining square and flexible as he tracks away. Most importantly, he is absolutely loaded with that “It Factor” that is hard to describe or quantify but you know it when you see it and CHOSEN ONE has it!! He has a chance to be a big time sire!!

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