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Cruel Intentions x House Money x Step One

Bred by Brockman Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A


This one gets us pumped up!! This full sib to Next Intention is the "CARBON COPY" of his sire--Cruel Intention!!! CARBON COPY is one of 3 FULL SIBS to Next Intention we purchased from Brockman Farms!!

Obviously, the success and popularity of Next Intention has been extremely fun and very gratifying to witness. When we purchased NEXT, we thought he was visually one of the most impressive animals we had ever laid eyes on and set our expectations as to what we could accomplish as a sire accordingly. To say that he has surpassed even our highest expectations in his first full year as a sire would be a gross understatement. Without question, he is one of the very best we have ever owned, and we truly believe he is just getting started!! His ability to consistently produce deep litters of elite showpigs that are extremely sellable, ready to show early often, yet still have the maturity pattern to win in the big rings in the end is very rare!!

We say all this to emphasize just how excited we were when Josh & Carrie let us know they had full sibs to Next Intention born in February. As they progressed, it became very apparent that this mating had once again made magic!! It was evident that these boars were truly special individuals and hearing updates on them from the Brockman's made us very anxious to make the trip to see them!! Needless to say, these boars blew us away and it was obvious we needed to purchase all three of these littermate boars to come stand alongside their full sib brother!! Obviously, sired by the legend, Cruel Intention, but also out of a sow that is becoming a legend in her own right! Not only has this sow produced Next Intention and these three full sibs, but she is also the mother of the tremendous litter of Never Before's that sold last fall that included STAY THE COURSE, the $50,000 weanling boar at Perfect Timing, who now also stands at PBG!! In addition to their incredible genetic potential, their extreme phenotypic attributes are exciting. While they are all similar in their build and overall design, they each have their own extremes and extras that they bring to the table!

We know these three boars will start out being known as Next Intention's full sibs, and certainly have big shoes to fill, however we have strong belief that they will blaze their own trail in becoming elite sires--they are THAT impressive!! We can't express how excited we are to see what these boars can accomplish and thank the Brockman Family for this incredible opportunity!

CARBON COPY is just that---a "carbon copy" of his sire, Cruel Intention!! He is wild in his look and presence through the front 1/3 of his skeleton! With all this extension and elevation, he remains shorter in his length of body and is moderate in his build. He gives an incredible view as he drives directly at you with width, power, and dimension. He has tremendous spread out of the backside of his blade and maintains this width all the way back to a big hip! The length of hip and hind leg design are excellent, which allows him to plant and motor effortlessly.

We could go on for a long time about how much potential CARBON COPY has to be a dominating sire of champions. We think he can have an enormous impact, just like his sire and full brother!! CARBON COPY!!!

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