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Russell x We're In

Bred by Tibbits Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: 69-4    Reg#: 160152004


CAPTAIN OBVIOUS! This special Chester boar was our $20,000 weanling purchase from Tibbits Showpigs at the 2022 Major League Pig Sale! We had heard about this one leading up to the sale, and during the preview, several we talked to thought he was one of the best Chesters they had ever seen. Without question, CAPTAIN OBVIOUS has remained incredibly popular and has been one of the most asked about boar prospects that we purchased in the Fall ’22 baby pig sale season! Many have told us that he was one of their favorite pigs of any breed or color that sold all fall! We are very happy to report that if you liked him then, you will absolutely LOVE him now! CAPTAIN OBVIOUS has matured into one of the very best Chester boars we have ever laid eyes on, combined with the genetic horsepower to back it up! CAPATIN OBVIOUS is sired by Russell (Big Screen x Box Office’s littermate sister) that Wintex Farms and Tibbits Showpigs purchased as a weanling from Russell Kneese at the 2021 Perfect Timing! His mother is a We’re In sow that also produced the 2022 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Reserve Chester Barrow, the very popular Chester barrow the Mower Family exhibited at San Antonio, as well as the gilt that Lynsney Schmitz showed this past summer that had incredible amount of success! The Tibbits Showpigs firm has been on unbelievable run in the Southwest Chester barrow rings, and when studying this boar, it is very easy to see why!! CAPATIN OBVIOUS is a boar that we feel has the potential to be a dominant force in the Chester breed! He is that kind of special---CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!!!

CAPTAIN OBVIOUS is a boar that will make you want to go buy a bunch of Chester White females!! He is so unique for this breed, being so wild looking through his head and neck, yet remaining so clean at the crest of his neck and pull. He is a very big chested hog, that has his shoulder set back in where its supposed to, with the ideal angle through his shoulder blade, down through his forearm and front foot. This allows him to reach with exceptional flexibility out of his front end, remaining so comfortable and athletic when he is set into motion. CAPTAIN OBVIOUS is packin’ a lot of heat on the top side of his skeleton, exhibiting a ditched out back, sharp loin edge, and a big, steer-like hip. His power carries from the top side of his hip, down through an expressive rump, and ties in down low through his inner ham with flare and dimension. His hip and hind leg work in conjunction, making the angles at the rear end of his skeleton just as impressive as the front, which helps tell the story as to how he remains so comfortable on the move. CAPTAIN OBVIOUS is one of our absolute favorites of any breed or color in this new set of young boars—use him with an extreme amount of confidence! He is built and bred to make a major impact. He is CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!!!

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