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PBG Boars



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Tricked Out x Next Intention

Bred by Decker Showpigs

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BUCKLE UP!!! This is going to be a wild ride!! We know and fully understand that words we type for this description could never adequately capture just how truly special of an animal that BUCKLE UP is!! We never like to compare young boars out of legendary sires, but we (as well as the Decker’s) believe that BUCKLE UP is much better and even more impressive than his legendary sire, Tricked Out! We know that is an extremely big statement and maybe puts an unfair amount of pressure on BUCKLE UP, but we wouldn’t say it if we didn’t believe that special things are to come for BUCKLE UP as a sire! What we think is truly exciting is the fact that BUCKLE UP is a double bred Next Intention!Not only is he sired by the legend Tricked Out, the sow power behind BUCKLE UP on his mother’s side is extremely special and valuable as well!! His mother is the Next Intention gilt from Schwecke Genetics that was the 2021 NAILE Grand Overall Crossbred Gilt that was shown by Haile Landry and purchased for $44,000 in the gilt sale at NAILE! In addition to winning Grand at NAILE, she experienced high level success all that summer! His mother’s littermates also have their own special stories, with one littermate sister being Hayden Everhart’s dominant Summer ’21 show gilt, culminating in being named 2021 NJSS Grand Champion Crossbred Gilt!! In addition to that, another of her littermates is the very successful Last Minute boar at The Collection. With all that said, it’s easy to say that BUCKLE UP’S mother came from one of the most dominant and successful litters in recent times! We always felt that one of Tricked Out’s greatest strengths as a sire was the consistency that he generated litter after litter, from top to bottom, and we felt that part of the reason for that was because of the incredibly deep litter that he came from. So when you combine a sire and dam that came out of litters that were that elite and deep in quality, we think it all bodes incredibly well for BUCKLE UP to be a very potent sire of dominating champions for many years to come. BUCKLE UP is very, very special. That’s all there is to it. We look forward to seeing what he can do! BUCKLE UP!!!

As we have said before, sometimes the ones that are the most difficulty to describe or do a write up for a catalog on, are the most special ones. Not because we don’t have a lot to say or express confidence in, but rather because they just have that special something that is hard to put into words to adequately describe them.BUCKLE UP is one that certainly provides that challenge but will tell you that the easiest way we can describe him is as Tricked Out, but more/better everywhere! Comparing him to his dad, he is even more freakish in his look and elevation blade forward, while remaining so stout and masculine in his skull and jaw with tremendous width between his eyes.He is incredibly bold through the center portion of his body with an enormous rib cage. His legs and feet are just unbelievably big, but his bone is flat and immature in its appearance, not just old round bone. In relation to his sire, he offers more length to his hip and rump that allows him to take a longer, looser stride with unrivaled comfort and flexibility. BUCKLE UP is massive as you view the topside of his skeleton, exploding out of the backside of his shoulder blades with crazy spread, transitioning to a big, wide back, and he maintains this mass and power all the way down throughout his body cavity. At the ground, his foot/toe quality on all four limbs is as good as it gets, with big/blunt toes and his front feet are strong and provide the start to a solid foundation! As we said above, we hate to compare young boars to their sire’s, especially when one has a sire as successful as Tricked Out. However, anything less than that description for BUCKLE UP would not due him justice. He is THAT kind of special! Hold on tight and BUCKLE UP to enjoy the ride!!!

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