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PBG boars



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Next Intenion x Never Before x Best Man

Bred by Brinning Genetics

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A


BROKEN RECORD!! This one-of-a-kind boar is the $350,000 record selling weanling pig we purchased from Brinning Genetics at the 2021 King's Of The Hill Pig Sale!!! We are going to sound like a BROKEN RECORD describing this boar, but simply put, we think he is one incredible animal!! While watching the preview at the King's Of The Hill this past fall, BROKEN RECORD hit us like a ton of bricks. His ability to combine freakish look and power, with EXTREME bone and feature is so rare, yet he does all this in a very complete, correct, functional package!! There was no question, we knew BROKEN RECORD was one that we had to own and were ready to do whatever necessary to get that done! BROKEN RECORD is sired by the living legend Next Intention and out of a Never Before x Best Man sow that is a littermate to Bow Before Me. Additionally, his Best Man x Visionary grandmother is a littermate to Curtain Call, who was one of the most popular and dominant sires of champions we have ever owned here at PBG!! Needless to say, BROKEN RECORD's genetic package gives us the highest level of confidence in his generating potential! Even more exciting is visually, he combines the extreme phenotypic traits of each of his legendary ancestors into one incredible package!! Obviously, when purchasing a weanling boar for $350,000, the pressure and expectations on that boar are going to be set at an incredibly high level. BROKEN RECORD has been so impressive through every stage of his maturity pattern. He has remained so true throughout his growth curve, indicating that he will be a very potent sire that will make them very sellable as babies, while maintaining the ideal maturity pattern necessary to win early, yet have the gas in the tank to be ready to win at the highest levels of competition in the end!! We can say with absolute confidence that BROKEN RECORD has exceeded all expectations and has matured into one truly amazing creature!! We think he is going to be one you hear about over and over again for many years to come--BROKEN RECORD!!

We have always thought that it is most difficult to describe the truly special ones!! You can go on and on about the extreme positives they bring, yet it’s that “wow” factor that truly separates them from the pack. That special quality is hard to define and quantify, but you know it when you see it, and BROKEN RECORD is absolutely loaded with “IT”!! BROKEN RECORD defies logic of the extreme traits that can be found in one pig. He is unreal in the look, elevation, and extension he offers through the front 1/3 of this body. He is very long, necked and clean throated, while maintains a strong jawline. We love the shape of his skull and forehead, which reads stout and masculine. BROKEN RECORD comes at you with an enormous chest floor and maintains this width and dimension throughout his body cavity. As you get on top of him, he is so impressive in the spread and shape out of his blade and carries a deep groove all the way back to a big, square hip and rump. He is explosive in his upper rib shape and carries this down with tremendous depth of flank and body shape! At the foundation of his skeleton, he is so impressive with HUGE legs that transition down to enormous feet and fat, square, evenly spaced toes. As he is set into motion, BROKEN RECORD takes it to a whole new level with unrivaled comfort, reach, and range of motion! As we stated above, it is difficult not to sound like a BROKEN RECORD when describing this boar. He is one very, very special individual. BROKEN RECORD!!!

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