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Encore x Never Before x Best Man

Bred by Eggers Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A


BRAVO!!! This is one incredible young boar out of an insane litter from Eggers Showpigs—-a firm that gets it done at the highest levels year after year!! His sire, Encore (Curtain Call x Kiss My Socks), has been an extremely potent generator of champions for us for several years and will go down as one of the most consistent sires of champions at the County, State, and National levels we have owned! He just flat out wins at all levels! As good of a job as Encore has done, this son takes all that good of his sire to an entirely new level!! Diving deeper into his genetic makeup, Encore is a son of the great Curtain Call (Best Man x Visionary)—who is one of our all-time favorites here at PBG!! BRAVO’S mother is a Never Before x Best Man sow that gives you 2 more shots of legendary sires in his immediate pedigree!! That’s a lot of legends stacked into one package!! BRAVO is one wild looking creature with the genetic greatness to back it up!!

BRAVO is a boar that has been so popular with most every group of visitors here on tours, because he represents the kind that is so universally appreciated! He is the epitome of squareness and is a boar that is impressive from every angle! He gives a striking view as he drops in, being huge in his chest width, and grabs your attention with an awesome shape to his head and a stout “he man” skull, while still being so long necked and elevated at the point of his shoulder blade! As he turns to the side, and shows of his profile, he represents ideal barrow proportions, being shorter bodied, yet still “long” and extended in all the right places, with an attractive look up front and incredible length of hip! He plants and drives with an ideal set and cushion to his hind leg, that still maintains stability allowing for a very secure step! BRAVO is massive in the amount of product and mass he packs on with a monster back and a muscular hip and rump, carrying this extreme muscle shape down low, tying deep into his stifle. Most importantly, he does all the above with a very correct skeletal build!! We think BRAVO has elite generating potential and we are very excited to see him work!!! Use him with confidence and get ready to take a bow in the winner’s circle—BRAVO!

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