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No Mas 151 x Black Tie

Bred by Berger Farms

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:


BOLD STATEMENT! This is our purchase from Berger Farms at the 2021 Perfect Timing Pig Sale!! We thought he was such a unique baby pig and he has matured into something beyond even our highest expectations! Not only does he impress as you study his phenotype, but his unique genetic package also combines some of the most successful sires, while still offering some different, outcross bloodlines for genetic breeding flexibility. BOLD STATEMENT comes out of a very deep litter that also included Berger’s top selling pig at their farm sale as well as their Perfect Timing gilt entry!He is sired by the very impressive Lindner boar No Mas 151 (No Mas x Vendetta). Obviously, we have witnessed the generating power of No Mas himself being here at PBG and believe that BOLD STATEMENT offers that same elite generating potential!! No Mas has proven to be a “go to” sire for many of our customers looking for an option that works on about any type of sow, making elite livestock that are hard to beat, and we believe this No Mas grandson will have that same type of ability. BOLD STATEMENT’S mother is a Black Tie x Best Man x No Hesitation sow that also raised the 2021 Texas Elite Champion Light Colored Crossbred Gilt! BOLD STATEMENT comes from Berger Farms, a firm that flat out knows how to put them together and make the unique ones that always stand out in a crowd and win on the biggest stages. Once this boar's offspring start to hit the show ring, we think he is going to be a major force and a household name when it’s all said and done!

BOLD STATEMENT is a truly unique creature. His ability to combine the extreme traits of both design and power into one very functional, structurally correct package is a rare commodity! Starting at the front of his skeleton, he is dart fronted with extreme length of face and neck, while still maintaining substance to his jawline and forehead. He has a natural presence and attitude that he knows he's a stud and is proud to strut out and show it off! As he drives right at you, he is busted open in his chest floor and opens up into a big, expansive rib cage. As you analyze the topside of his skeleton, he is extreme in his muscle expression with a sharp loin edge and is busted open front to rear with tremendous width and dimension. At his foundation, he stands on a very correct set of feet and legs with excellent feet and toe quality. He offers all this with a set of running gears that just don't quit, when you get him on the move----it's a BOLD STATEMENT!

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