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(Big Step x Capital Gain x Untouchable)

Bred By: Stohlquist Showpigs

We entered 2020 with building an elite Yorkshire line-up as a primary goal and we could not be more excited about the Yorkshire sires we have been able to assemble and offer to our customers! BIG TICKET is a prime reason for that excitement. A Yorkshire boar that is unlike any other we have seen!

BIG TICKET’s photo certainly captures what an impressive creature he is. However, when you see him in person, it is just jaw-dropping. We can assure that if Ryan walked BIG TICKET into any Yorkshire ring, it would get very quiet – very quick, just like it happens on tours!A purebred Yorkshire boar that is built to take on any Crossbred you want to bring at him!

We loved the Stohlquist gilt that was the 2019 NJSS 4th Overall Yorkshire. We told Ryan then that we wanted a boar that was built just like her. When we checked in with him this spring, he told us that he thought he had one that was as special as they had ever raised and he was out of the dam of that gilt! Sired by the very popular Big Step, and out of a Capital Gain x Untouchable sow that also raised the 2019 Reserve Grand Overall Breeds (Champion York) Barrow, the 2019 NJSS 4th Overall Yorkshire gilt, and Domino.

BIG TICKET is just a monster in every aspect. If you like your Yorkshires to look like white exotics by maxing out muscle, rib, body, bone, tons of shape and a killer look, BIG TICKET can flat get it done!

A Yorkshire boar that offers superior genetic and phenotypic greatness- he is the BIG TICKET to making winning barrows, boars, and gilts!! Having a boar like BIG TICKET makes it very fun to walk into the boar barn!

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