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PBG Boars



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Box Office x Crackerjack

Bred by Kneese Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: 79-5    Reg#: 156887005

BIG SCREEN is one incredible Chester boar!! He is our $15,000 weanling purchase from Kneese at Perfect Timing!! Talking with Russell prior to the sale, he felt BIG SCREEN was the best Chester boar he had ever bred. From a guy who has bred some of the most influential Chester boars of all time, that’s a mouthful. Sired by the dominant Box Office, we have been searching for a son to bring in and continue to build on what Box Office has accomplished!! When we saw BIG SCREEN, there was absolutely no doubt—he was the one!! Russell has done an incredible job putting together barrows and gilts that consistently hang banners at the big ones, as well as cranking out boars that are not only extremely impressive to look at, but are bred with years of predictability which further strengthens our confidence in the generating ability of BIG SCREEN to be the next Kneese boar to make a big impact on the Chester breed!!

BIG SCREEN offers the trademark BOX OFFICE build and look, but in relation to his sire at this same stage, offers substantially more stoutness, width, and overall power!! He is extremely descriptive and expressive in his muscle pattern, is a monster in terms of chest width and dimension, and remains flexible and comfortable on the move. We think this boar has a chance to be a dominant force for years to come!!

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