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PBG boars



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Skull & Bones x Cruel Intention's Mother

Bred by Brockman Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A


BELIEVE IN ME! WOW---You must see this one in person to believe!! This young boar is one that we think has a chance to be a monster force in the Crossbred rings!!! Initially, our trip to Brockman's was focused on Next Intention, but upon seeing BELIEVE IN ME, we knew we were looking at another absolutely "must own" boar!!

In addition to his elite phenotypic traits, his genetic makeup makes him even more enticing! Sired by Skull & Bones, the successful young Secret society son that was bred by Soileau and stands at The Stud, and out of the legendary sow best known as being Cruel Intention's mother, BELIEVE IN ME offers an incredible blend of bloodlines and phenotypic traits to make one incredible sire that we have extreme confidence in!!

BELIEVE IN ME offers as much freakish look and build as any we have ever seen! He is so unique in his height of shoulder, elevation, and look through his front end. For a boar that offers these traits from the side, he overwhelms you as you study him coming and going, being busted open and bold with immense power and mass over the top side of his skeleton. When you get on top of him, Believe In Me blows you away with loads of mass and product working down his back. He is tremendously heavy boned, big footed, and stout from every angle.

BELIEVE IN ME is another very special individual that we think has a chance to make elite barrows and gilts that win and WIN BIG!!!! Thanks again to Josh, Carrie, and the entire Brockman crew for this incredible opportunity!!

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