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Back Bone x Tell All x #4

Bred by DL Showpigs-Krohn Farms

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BACKWOODS!!! This boar is our incredible new purchase from DL Showpigs-Krohn Farms! When we first saw the picture of BACKWOODS, we knew we were going to be needing to make a trip to Krohn's to see this creature and when we got there, he lived up to the incredibly high expectations!! Besides his obvious phenotypic greatness, he also packs a punch with a pedigree with some fresh air that we believe is extremely valuable and can be utilized on a wide variety of different bloodlines and pedigrees within the crossbred game! BACKWOODS is sired by Back Bone (Back Drop x Best Kept Secret)! His mother is a littermate sister to the 2022 Texas Elite Champion Light Crossbred Gilt! Digging into this young sow's genetic package gets us even more fired up. She is a Tell All (Best Kept Secret x Wild Nights) x #4!!! Diving deeper into this pedigree, that grand-sire (#4), is sired by a purebred Yorkshire boar —(Hard Feelings) who was a linebred Final Drive— (Grand Drive x Final Drive) back on a One Too Many x Peacemaker sow! We list that extended pedigree to show the impressive depth of proven generators stacked in BACK WOODS'S genetic package that should ensure that he is a very consistent sire---stamping his elite visual traits, while still providing that ever-important unique twist of pedigree to use back on so many of the current prevalent lines! The DL Showpigs-Krohn Farms program has been very successful in this industry for decades, winning big shows and creating the kind of elite breeding hogs that make a difference and leave a legacy! When speaking with them, the passion they have for this special boar indicates just how much they believe in him to be a future legend of the industry! Take a trip to the BACKWOODS and get ready for lots of pictures with big banners! BACKWOODS!!!

BACKWOODS is a boar that instantly "wows" you at first glance and is that kind of rare individual that just gives you chills. His natural presence and look is insane, and he combines that with an extreme amount of power, width, and stoutness of feature! He is incredible in his elevation up front, being so extended and attractive through his head and neck. With that, he maintains a masculine jawline, wide between his eyes, and stout in the shape of his skull! BACKWOODS is so tall at the point of his shoulder, yet maintains an ideal angle down through his shoulder, forearm, and front foot. His neck ties incredibly high into his shoulder blade, while still transitioning into the back side of those blades with a crazy amount of shape, width, and dimension. He is a huge ribbed boar that has a bold spring to his upper skeleton and a razor sharp turn to his loin edge. He carries this spread down through the center portion of his body and maintains tremendous depth of flank that makes everything balance so well He exhibits a deep, defined groove down his back and carries this spread all the way back to a "steer-like" hip! BACKWOODS takes all of these traits to a whole new level as he struts around the yard with unrivaled athleticism and flexibility. He is so extreme, yet so complete and absolutely built for speed on the move! As you watch him come at you and go away, he exemplifies squareness of build, while still offering all the necessary “extras” in width and power from every angle! In addition to all his obvious phenotypic value, his unique genetic package makes him one we absolutely had to own!!! The DL Showpigs--Krohn Farms program has been on fire and their belief in BACKWOODS’S generating ability is seen by the extremely large number of their sows that are carrying his service for this upcoming farrowing season!!!! Whether you are wanting to make elite level show barrows, boars, or gilts—-we believe BACKWOODS can do it all!!! HERE HE IS!!!!

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