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Ghost x No Doubt x Gas Pedal

Bred by Brockman Farms

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:


BACK ON TRACK is our incredible solid white boar purchase from Brockman Farms!! We had seen BACK ON TRACK in October as a weanling and he has been on our radar and very high on our priority list ever since we first saw him!! Sired by the great GHOST boar that we had here at PBG that had a dominant run in the Yorkshire appearing barrow rings throughout the Southwest Majors over the years! The mother of BACK ON TRACK is a No Doubt female that is a littermate to the Champion York Barrow at the 2019 State Fair Of Texas. This is one of the absolute best solid white crossbred boars we have ever seen! He has been an absolute stud through every stage of his maturation and think he has a chance to build on the type of success that Ghost experienced and take it to the next level!!

BACK ON TRACK is built in the same mold as his sire yet takes some extremes and ests and cranks it up a notch!! BACK ON TRACK gives a killer first impression, as you fall in love with his bold chest floor and stout skull as he drives right at you. He is a very attractive boar from the side profile being extended and elevated in his front-end design. He ties in high to his blade, and spreads out of his blade with width, power, and dimension that carries back with a very expressive back! BACK ON TRACK is very round and robust in his center body with a big turn to his upper rib. As he drives away, he offers an extremely impressive view, packing a bunch of heat while still handling it with ease when set in motion on an enormous rear leg!! We have a ton of faith in BACK ON TRACK to be a dominant sire of champions!!

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