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Next Intention x Building Speed (Cruel's Sister)

Bred by Decker Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A


This boar will have you coming BACK FOR MORE!!! This is our private purchase from Decker Showpigs!! Sired by the living legend Next Intention and out of Cruel Intention’s sister!! The mother of this boar was Decker’s purchase from Brockman Farms in the 2020 “The Exchange!” In the litter this sow was carrying when she was purchased she produced The Disciple, the boar Hofschulte’s purchased and then sold for $77,000 to SGI in the 2021 “The Exchange” The mother of BACK FOR MORE would also be a littermate to Hadley Lemons 2021 Reserve Grand Overall Crossbred Gilt at The Exposition! In addition, BACK FOR MORE’S littermate sister was Courtney Jackman’s Class 10 winner at NJSS in Louisville! If all this genetic power wasn’t enough, this boar is absolutely incredible to look at with his unique phenotypic attributes!! We think he’s got a chance to do big things!! Thanks to our great friends at Decker Showpigs for the opportunity. Take one look at this one and you be BACK FOR MORE!!

BACK FOR MORE is a boar that immediately grabs your attention as he drives into the yard. He has a commanding presence with an extremely unique look through his neck and skull. He is freaky in his extension, yet very bold and masculine in his jawline. His offers a big chest and maintains this width and power throughout his body cavity. BACK FOR MORE is incredible in the turn to his loin and roll to his back. He transitions into a big, square hip design and maintains his mass down through his rump into his stifle. As he drives away, he plants on a huge hind leg that is very clean jointed and comfortable when he is in motion. This is a young boar that has it all! He offers the type of extreme quality and genetic punch that will always have you coming BACK FOR MORE!!

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