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PBG boars



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My Intention x House Money x Step One

Bred by Brockman Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A


ALL IN ALL!! Simply put, if you are looking for the extras it takes to win big--He’s got it ALL!! Sired by the great MY INTENTION and his mother is NEXT INTENTION’S littermate sister!! His mother is an absolute creature to view and it is easy to see where he gets so many of his unique, far reaching traits!! ALL IN ALL is a full sib in blood (littermate sows) to Kamlyn Mason’s 5th Overall Heavyweight Crossbred Gilt at the 2022 The Exposition! ALL IN ALL combines some of Brockman Farm’s best sows stacked tight on both sides of his pedigree—further strengthening our faith in his next level generating ability! It's all here!! ALL IN ALL!!!!

ALL IN ALL is insanely stout featured and dense! He exhibits an awesome shape to his skull and jawline, with “the look” and presence it takes to win the big ones! ALL IN ALL has an explosive muscle pattern with a sharp, crisp turn to his loin edge! He maintains this spread all the way back to a big, square, steer-like hip! What makes him even more unique is his ability to be this extreme, yet remain so loose and flexible! He takes a long, fluid stride off both ends!! The early feedback on ALL IN ALL’s pigs have been off the charts! We are absolutely pumped to see what he will do!! We think he can take all the extremes of the great boars in his heritage to an entirely new level! Use him on those basic, complete females that need to be stoutened up with added mass, shape and overall POWER!! It's ALL IN ALL!!!

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