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PBG boars



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Gang Signs x Shag Carpet's Littermate Sister

Bred by Foote Farms

Stress: CAR    EN: 100-1    Reg#: 53917001

ALL DUE RESPECT!!! This incredible Poland boar is one of the best boars we have ever owned! On a trip to Foote Farms, when they drove this boar out of the barn, we were amazed at what we were looking at. Talking with Jason for a couple months leading up to our trip, we knew he thought this one was very special. However, we weren't prepared for what we were about to see. ALL DUE RESPECT is sired by the great Gang Signs boar back on Shag Carpets littermate sister! The boar has absolutely floored visitors and we are very proud to offer him to our customers. Thanks to the crew at Foote Farms for the opportunity to own such a truly special individual!!

ALL DUE RESPECT gives you a lasting first impression as he drives out of the barn. He is big chested, bold bladed, and has an incredible shape to his skull and jaw with awesome extension through his head and neck. His legs and feet are huge, and his foundation is equally as impressive standing on deep, square toes. As you view him from the side, he is so unique for the breed, being ideal in his length of body and frame size, with a freak look and incredible hip design and hind leg set. As you get on top of ALL DUE RESPECT, he offers crazy spread out of his blade and is so good in the spring to his upper rib and depth of body. Simply put, this one’s got it ALL and then some. ALL DUE RESPECT!!!

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