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Hidden Secret (Dirty Secret x Bone Thug) x Bone Thug

Stress Negative

Bred By: Weisinger Farms

20/20 is one absolute creature!!! We have purchased several boars from Weisingers over the years that have generated and done great things for us - 20/20 sorts to the top – real quick! When Nate called us early this winter, he was as pumped about 20/20 as anything they had ever produced and we agree 100%.

20/20 offers a very unique & proven blend of pedigree that offers tremendous predictability and excitement. Some of Weisinger's very best generating sows are found stacked on top of each other in his genetic makeup giving us further confidence in his ability to be a game-changing sire!

In addition to his rich bloodlines, he is an absolute specimen to view!! 20/20 puts together so many positive traits that are very rare to be combined into one package. 20/20 offers true stoutness of feature with a masculine jawline, stout skull and drives at you busted open with a bold chest floor. As you get on top of him, he offers monster rib, immense spread and shape that he carries back to a big, square hip. As he tracks away, he exhibits supreme squareness as he plants and drives on one of the biggest hind legs we have seen and hits the ground on huge toes with very strong pasterns.

From the side, he offers a deadly look through his head and neck, being tall shouldered, elevated and extended. He is level and proportionate in his build, offering awesome skeletal design and correctness.

One of the most popular boars we have rolled out on boar tours. We have firm belief that 20/20 can prove to be one of the premier sires we have been able to offer!

We are totally focused on the future--- 20/20!!!

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