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Stay In Your Lane x 38 Special

Bred by Berling Showpigs

Stress: Neg    EN:    Reg#:




Stay In Your Lane x 38 Special

Bred By: Berling Showpigs

EN: 9-1

REG: 437526001

FIRST IMPRESSION is our very exciting weanling boar purchase from Berling Showpigs at the 2023 The Connection pig sale!!! FIRST IMPRESSION hit us incredibly hard as a prospect due to his stoutness of feature and power, while still offering an exciting look and design, with the ideal kind of maturity for a red one!

FIRST IMPRESSION has continued to impress through every stage of maturity and has looked like an elite sire throughout! He has remained so consistent in his growth curve, giving us extreme confidence in his ability to make offspring that can win at every stage!

Starting at his stout, masculine skull and strong jawline, he transitions back into a monster blade and carries extreme width and mass all the way to the rear part of his skeleton blending into a big hip! He maintains that squareness down through his rump with tremendous flair to his inner thigh and remains so square through his hock to the ground. From the side profile, FIRST IMPRESSION is so impressive, with his elevation and height at his shoulder, exhibiting ideal length of body and an awesome hip design. Putting it altogether, when he drives across the yard he does so with supreme athleticism and range of motion.

FIRST IMPRESSION also grabs your attention from a genetic standpoint!! He is sired the popular and very successful Stay In Your Lane boar, and his mother is a 38 Special sow that is also the mother of the 2022 Indiana State Fair 5th Overall (Reserve Duroc) Barrow, as well as the 2021 Texas Nationals Champion Duroc Gilt. She is also the grandmother of the 2021 Team Purebred Southwest Regional Grand Gilt! This powerful sow was one Cody Berling purchased from Adam Beck and is certainly proving to be a foundation female! She is a 38 Special x So Cold’s Littermate Sister, giving her 2 immediate shots of the legendary “Boling Sow”! This sows littermate brother won his class @ San Antonio in 2019 and her littermate sister raised the 2022 OYE 6th Overall Duroc! FIRST IMPRESSION’S grandmother is the mother of the Reserve Grand Barrow at the 2021 NJSA Southeast Regional! This sow line is as impressive in their ability to produce elite progeny and further strengthens our faith in what FIRST IMPRESSION has the ability to do as a sire!!!

FIRST IMPRESSION has matured into an absolute STUD and we have extremely high hopes and great expectations for this very powerful Duroc sire!!

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